Website Development

A website can generally be built and hosted on either a Linux or Windows server – resulting in the two hosting platforms, namely, the Linux-based and the Windows-based hosting platforms. Whether you want to simply buy a domain-name (a website address), host your website or need assistance to build your website, we are here at JE Innovations to help you.

We demonstrate expertise in all of the current tools for building or managing websites. These tools include ASP.NET (for Windows-based websites), WordPress, Drupal or Joomla (these last three are content management tools for Linux-based websites). Scripting software such as JavaScript, PhP and jQuery are tools that we are very familiar with to add more functionality to your websites. Understandably, the average customer has no interest in the meaning of these terminologies: all they want is for their websites to work and be up and running. With JE Innovations, you are guaranteed that too.

SEO and Analytics. A Myth or Reality?

We are also very actively engaged in the fields of search engine optimization (SEO) of websites and analytics (e.g., with Google Analytics, among many other options of analytics available out there on the Internet). What do these terminologies mean for your websites and businesses? First of, in the simplest of terms they have to do with how easily your website comes up during a search by people on the Internet and the deeply analyses of all visitors to your website with the intent of discovering how business may improve for your company as a result of your presence (through your website) on the Internet. The myth is that there is an expert programmer or website developer out there that can always ensure that you will always show up on “page 1” of any search results on the Internet. This is not true and there is no expert out there that can always guarantee that this will happen to your website. Why? Well consider this. Search results on a browser (say, on the Firefox browser) will display the topmost results on page 1 of the search – typically, this will mean that about say, 10 results will be on page 1. If this expert takes money from 100 website owners and promises them that they will always appear on page 1 and only ten pages can fit into page 1, do you not see how this promise is a scam? The reality is that the probability that your website appears on page 1 depends on what the expert SEO guy can do and what you, the website owner should do in other to drive traffic to your website, which will in turn determine how easily your website will appear on page 1. Your company cannot fold their arms and hire an expert who will just use programming or coding to place you at the top of the list of any search on the web, all of the time. Ce n’est pas possible.

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