Personal Computer Applications

Often times, you want to build a custom-made software for use at your company or office that meets your specialized needs for some of your company’s functionality. This need for custom-built software could be necessitated by the lack of a ready-made (or, as they are also called, out-of-the-box) software out there in the market that would do your job exactly the way you want in or by the fact that existing out-of-the-box software might be too cost-prohibitive for your company’s budget. (The fact is that a ready-made or out-of-the-box software has one big disadvantage: how can one software in the market meet the specific need of over 200 customer-companies that buy that software? It is impossible for it to serve everyone that buys it, in every way that they could ever wish to use it. This is why some prefer custom-built software because they get to dictate to the developer what they want it to do and how they want it to do it. Developers of ready-made software do their best to take most of what people want into consideration but they could never sit down to ask the input of their thousands of customers for their input before building the software! We sure hope that the explanation of this limitation make sense to you.)

In such situations where you opt to build your own custom application software, we at JE Innovations can consult with you to determine the scope of functionality that you want the custom-made software to possess and we go to work to develop it for you. Our team needs to have a clear understanding of what you are exactly asking for. Consequently, a series of meetings between us and your company is very common practice. You dream and desire it and we build it. We are always keeping ourselves up with the current trends in the development tools and we are never disappointing as we never proceed to the next step without getting your approval.

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