Apps For HandHeld Devices

The advent of handheld devices (iPhones and iPads from Apple and other smartphones and tablets from other vendors such as Samsung, Blackberry, HTC, LG, Motorola, Sony, Google, Microsoft, among others) opened up the avenue for the emergence of apps software development. The exciting thing about building apps is that there is virtually no limit to the show of imagination, creativity or versatility – ranging from small and simple apps that basically do very simple things (display time, activate the phone screen on your device, display the battery-level of your device, etc) to more specialized and complex apps that can consist of tens of thousands lines of code.

JE Innovations company is a bedrock of actualizing your intuitiveness, creativity and imagination and we exemplify these by making the bold move into apps development. Being programming oriented (that we are), we are not shy from taking an interest into this field of programming. Our team of engineers, graphic designers and usability experts are at work 24×7 trying to imagine, code and create interesting apps – some of which are projects of personal interest to the developers while others are client initiated. The personal projects are a form of relaxation for the team members, while at the same time, means of tuning their creative abilities up for the next, major projects from numerous clients. Our repertoire of app run on iOS, OSX, Androids, Windows Phone X and Nokia OS.

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