The management at JE Innovations ingrains it into every member of staff to treat everyone as equally valuable and indispensable (yes!!) because we quickly realized that

    1. no one can do it all
    2. not having to worry about doing what someone else is better at frees us to function best in what we know best
    3. no one “lives” forever (meaning that someone you deride today may be your leader tomorrow and may do your job better than yourself – tomorrow!!)
    4. we do not want to have to learn the lesson of assuming the alternative (that others are less valuable and more dispensable than us) through bitter experiences.

At JE Innovations, the hiring process can be pretty steep but when you are hired, it might be pretty safe to say that you cannot be fired. We do not fire our employees (yes, an employee is free to move on if they so choose to but we do not fire them Click here to continue reading (Only Available to Employees Please)

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