At JE Innovations, we are all about software – no machines, no moving parts or hardware – just about bits and bytes or as we commonly say, strings of zero’s and one’s to make electronic devices do what (work or behave the way) we want them to. Don’t get us wrong: of course, we do work with machines or hardware. A visit to our office will greet you with computers, printers and other computer accessories that we use as we build software. All these machines are simply a means to an end: writing software that we want to introduce to the world or what our clients have asked us to do for them. Our company is all about codes and programming.

The software we build reside on computers all over the world on the Internet in the form of websites, they could reside on handheld devices as apps or on computers in offices as office applications. This is why the software we build in our company falls under three categories: websites, apps and applications (for use in offices by our clients). Engaging a single company into building websites, apps for mobile devices and computer applications seems a very bold but daunting task but we are able to go all the way at JE Innovations because (1) they are all software and (2) we love and enjoy computer programming.

JE Innovations has a team of software engineers with a varied range of qualifications and work experiences to utilize latest state-of-the-arts programming technologies to custom-build websites (for advertising and marketing your products), apps for your portable or handheld devices (smartphones, iPads and tablets) and software applications on your company computers that will facilitate productivity and efficiency. Along side these engineers are the best cream of usability (testers) experts, graphic designers, sales and marketing staff whose various contributions are invaluable and enormous to perfecting and ultimate sales of our finished products.

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